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April 24, 2011
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"No! Be quiet! Your opinion is wrong too!"- Marise Asahina

Name: Asahina Marise [Surname, First Name]
Kanji: まりせあさひな
Nicknames: Goldilocks, Mari-muffin, Mari-chan
Age: 17
Birthday: June 11
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Race: Human [Gifted, Spiritually Aware]
Ethnicity: Half-Japanese [Father] and Half-French [Mother]
Height: 150 cm (4'11")
Weight: 43 kg (95 lbs.)
Blood Type: B+
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Soichiro (Father), Lucille (Mother), Ryunosuke (Brother), Taro (Brother), Coco la Veau (Grandmother)

Appearance: Marise has long, curly blonde hair (hence the nickname Goldilocks), that reaches about halfway down her back, and side-swept bangs. She sometimes whines about her curly hair, as it's often caught in tangles when she brushes it and can't be straightened. She also wears a hot pink bow in her hair, and because of this, many relate her to the popular icon Hello Kitty, much to her displeasure. She has smooth creamy skin with a light pink blush on her cheeks and blue eyes. Despite being petite, at a height less than average of a teenage girl, Marise is quite curvy with a rounded face, as she was pretty chubby as a child and was often teased about it. Because of this, Mari always worries about her weight, and has low self-esteem about her looks. (She can become very sensitive if someone mentions her weight and may take it as an insult.) She inherited most of her looks from her mother, who is French, as it's uncommon to find a person in Japan with natural blue eyes and blonde hair.

An outfit she usually wears is a white tank top with a pink belt that comes just under her breasts, accentuating her bust, hot pink skinny jeans and high-top Converse sneakers of the same color. She also wears white arm warmers and fingerless hot pink leather gloves, with a heart etched out as a design. She usually never forgoes the pink bow in her hair, it being her trademark accessory. Her school uniform is the same as a regular Karakura High uniform, though she wears knee-length white socks and brown lace-up boots that come just under the knee. She also works at a maid cafe, and so wears a maid costume as her uniform.

Personality: Marise is a person who is not easy to understand nor easy to get along with. She judges people heavily on their looks, oftentimes accusing those who look "different" or "strange" to her as being a Yankī. (A Japanese miscreant or delinquent.) She's very much full of herself and sees herself as all-knowing, such as when she tries to give her brother younger by two years, Ryunosuke, advice about love, even though she knows very little about it herself. This oftentimes leads her to become very nosy, especially when it comes to her brother's personal life, constantly butting it when she is not wanted.

She is very energetic and spontaneous; Mari will break out into song (usually in English) or say random things at times. She is most well known for being incredibly dramatic, often taking what people say completely out of context, over-exaggerating, or freaking out over the tiniest of things. (Like throwing a fit by screaming into a pillow when being denied what she wants or bursting into tears after only gaining half a kilogram.) She's very insecure, worrying about what others think of her, and when she actually believes someone is complimenting her, she won't believe the person unless he/she does something drastic to try and convince her otherwise.

Mari is not entirely stupid, but she isn't very bright. She doesn't catch onto things very quickly, lacking a lot of common sense, as well as not doing very well in school (particularly in the subject of math). This is seen in her naivety in some areas, such as love and dating. Because of this lack of experience, coupled with the fact that she is an "old-fashioned" girl, Marise will become extremely embarrassed when it comes to anything sexual. Her reading shoujo manga and teen dating magazines gave her a very different view on love than how it actually is.

One of the most unique parts about Marise is her ability to reject reality by creating her own fantasy. Whenever something comes up in her life that she is not able to deal with or unwilling to take, she will go in-denial and believe in what she wants to see, not what is actually true.

Despite appearing heartless at first glance, there is more to Marise underneath that many don't see. She is kind at heart and secretly cares for others (especially her family), and will occasionally go out of her way to help them without expecting anything in return. (She would actually prefer others to not know about her good deeds, and will blatantly deny ever doing something kind for someone else.) Mari is not at all good at hiding her emotions; anyone is usually easily able to tell how she is feeling just by her facial expressions. She feels emotions vividly- when happy her eyes will light up with joy, when sad she will cry a river, when angry she will kick and scream, and when frightened she will run away, etc. She is never able to mask her emotions, even if she wanted to, and she understands this is a weakness of hers. She becomes incredibly frustrated by the fact that people are able to see right through her.

Her favorite food is ice cream and she is a gifted dancer, having done so since she was very young. Mari is a Lupin III fanatic, having an almost obsessive infatuation with both the show and titled character, going so far as to comment that she would instantly fall in love with a man like Arsène Lupin III.  Strangely enough, she has a glasses fetish, and will fall head over heels for anyone, boy or girl, who wears glasses. Marise is obsessed with anything American, including all of its pop culture and even goes so far as to say that Oprah is her inspiration and idol.

History: Seventeen years ago, Marise was born on a summer evening in Paris, France to Soichiro and Lucille Asahina. As a child she grew up pampered and for the most part without a care in the world, having everything she wanted. When she was three years old she was delighted when her younger brother, Ryunosuke, was born. After his birth the family began their many travels, as her mother was a well-known designer of women's clothing, and so the family got the chance to tour the entire world, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and numerous other exotic cities.

Marise loved their travels, however, the constant change in scenery left her little time to make friends and get comfortable, and so she was often taken as the "rich, spoiled princess," by those around her. So from her younger years she knew the feeling of rejection, though she tried not to let it bother her (not to mention the bullying from her being slightly chubby, although this was more in a teasing way that she took seriously). When she was twelve years old, her youngest sibling Taro was born, and for the next two years the Asahina family would still travel. However, when she was fourteen, her mother finally decided to settle down and work from home for private clientel, and so they settled in Karakura Town, where they have been currently residing for the past two years. Marise attends Karakura High School, it now being her final year.

Mari had only recently discovered her Fullbring powers when she was recruited by Ginjo Kugo of the group Xcution, after much persuading on his side, as she at first refused. However, when she went to the first session, she took her father's gun at Ginjo's request, and from his prying and taunting, was able to get her to awaken her Fullbring ability. Since then she has been training with the group to improve her abilities, to defend herself and her family if the situation ever calls for it.

Powers & Abilities:

Worthy Spiritual Power: While she is nowhere near having as much spiritual pressure as a Shinigami, she does have a high amount for a human, even for one gifted. Much of her spiritual pressure is contained in her weapon. Her Reaitsu is of a hot pink color.

Castles in the Air: The focus of Mari's Fullbring abilities is on a Type 26 top-break revolver, that has a sleek black handle, the rest of it being silver. It belonged to her great-grandfather, which he used to fight in World War II. (This is the story her father told her, however, in reality it was one of the weapons he used when he was a Shinigami working under the Onmitsukidō.) The gun is practically useless in its normal state, as it can't fire any bullets placed in it.

However, When Marise pulls the soul out of it, the revolver transforms into a gunblade, the silver blade is approximately two feet in length, and when rotated has an illusion effect in that words can be seen on either side, such as, "fantasy," "reality," "truth" and "lie." Also, the red string, which is usually wrapped around her pinky, is instead wrapped around the blade, floating around it.

From the tip of the blade Marise can fire Reiatsu bullets that do only small damage, but travel incredibly quickly and can be fired repeatedly at short intervals. She can also focus her Reiatsu into a small targeting laser that will allow her to make precision sniping shots that pack a much heavier punch and can pierce through most kinds of physical or spiritual barriers. These shots are very Reiatsu-taxing, however, and so she must wait longer for it to charge in order to use it again.

The real power of Mari's ability lies in connection with the attribute of a fantasy. Mari is able to create her own fantasy by reciting an incantation related to whatever fairytale she wants to transport her and her opponent to. Mari does this by transforming the blade part of her gun into a large key, opening up a portal that sucks whomever she wants into it, transporting them to a different place. Marise often refers to this place as her "LaLa Land."

The fantasy varies according to what fairytale Mari chooses to be in, what fantasy she wants to create. While she chooses the destination, Mari is unable to manipulate the matter that exists in her world, since the fantasy doesn't actually "exist," therefore, there is no matter for her to manipulate.

However, like a fairytale, she and her opponent play roles according to the story, their outfits changing to match that. Depending on what character they play, they are able to act and harness the abilities that character may possess. This gives both Mari and her opponent an advantage.

For example, if Mari were to choose to the fantasy "Wonderland," and she were the Red Queen, then she would have access to all of the guards. If her opponent were the Mad Hatter, he would possess the abilities pertaining to that character.

While Mari's gunblade's main purpose is being the key that takes her to her fantasy, it also is mostly used as an offensive combat weapon. It also has the ability to protrude other weapons from the gun, such as a harpoon or a key, which opens the door to in and out of her fairytale.

- The name 'Marise' is both a French and Japanese name. In French it is a variation of the name Mary, but can also mean 'bitter' or 'beloved', while in Japanese it translates to 'infinite' or 'endless'.
- Her theme song is "Brick By Boring Brick" by Paramore.
- This character went through several changes to her name, appearance, personality, history, and power before her current profile.
- She was partly inspired by the character Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.
- Marise speaks French fluently and can speak English formally.
- Mari doesn't curse, so in order to avoid swearing, she uses some strange insults as a 'substitute' for curse words. Examples being: conflabbit, gosh darn it, dagnabbit, fiddlesticks, boogerface, boogerbrain, jerk-wad, loser, blockhead, dumbo, weirdo, Yankī, freak, twit, twerp, etc.
- During her free time she takes magazines and demolishes any beautiful girl's face with a marker, by drawing a mustache, huge busy eyebrows, or some other hideous defect.

- "You think I'm stupid, don't you? You hate me and you think I should die! You hate me, you hate me!"
- "We all want to believe in something bigger than ourselves. That's why God exists."
- "Why don't you find some pretty, skinny girl to go with? I'm just going to sit here and eat more and more ice cream until I'm as big as a whale! Then I'm going to go to the ocean and find a nice male whale to spend the rest of my life with, because he won't think I'm fat! We'll live a happy life under the sea and have fat whale kids and eat a bunch of krill to get even bigger!"
- (to her younger brother, Ryunosuke) "I can't have my little brother be shy of women! This is unacceptable! Ryunosuke, as your older sister I will teach you the tricks and secrets of amour!"
- (to her younger brother, Taro) "Taro, can't you see that I'm dealing with this pervert? It's up to me to deliver justice, and ensure that every woman is safe from the clutches of evil, lecherous men! I, Asahina Marise, will fight for all these women and defend our honor! I…!"
Another update! Okay, I have edited Mari's Fullbring, tell me what you think! Like what I noticed with her personality, as I wrote the story, I found myself repeating the fact that Mari rejects the reality of her life she doesn't want to believe and replaces it with a fantasy. With her Fullbring before it matched with the more accusatory side of her personality, but now that part isn't as prominent as the fantasy one is. So, let me know if you think it's overpowered, I'm never good with abilities so any advice is appreciated! :heart:

I've made some major changes to Mari's personality, because I knew it was incredibly long, but not only that, I felt it was rather inconsistent. She just had too much going on, there were so many traits and when I compared it to my fanfic and how I wrote her, I saw that a lot of those traits weren't I went back through the chapters and noted the traits I used, and rewrote her personality based on that. Hopefully, she is still likable and for the most part the same Mari that everyone knows, but I don't know. :I So let me know what you guys think of the changes, love 'em, hate 'em? Don't really care?

This is my main OC, Asahina Marise, of my Bleach fanfic, who is also the love interest of Visored Hirako Shinji.

The powers and abilities section of this bio was created with the help from my friend ~Phoenix-God-of-Fire.

You can check out artwork of her in both my Gallery and in My Favorites. ^^

Marise Asahina angel808 (me)
Bleach Tite Kubo
Preview Image ~dstears

You are allowed to use this template but not all of the specifics listed. Please do not steal any of this information or my character, I worked very hard on her!
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Alrighty, let's do this~

Name, ect: Good information, zodiac sign and blood type are not really necessary but interesting trivia. Nickname they have the story Goldilocks in Japan? It doesn't seem like a European fairy tail would be as prevalent in a non-European country, unless just her mom calls her that or something.

Appearance: Detailed description, no really glaring mistakes. Though it's very common for a former-chubby person to be sensitive about weight and take offense. Also interesting that she inherited both recessive traits (hair and eye color) since there's a 1/16th chance to end up with both.

I think her outfit could fit right in in the eighties haha.

Personality: Dramatic and judgmental.. the perfect stereotypical cheerleader. Not the most original, but it's not common to see it for a Bleach character. However, she does fall into the 'jerk with a heart of gold' trope, being secretly kind. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just common to have a secretly nice bitchy character. She's well-rounded, and the description is well written.

The obsessions are an interesting touch

History: The upbringing explains her personality well. Not much else to add

Powers: My only concern is the fullbring object... unless her Great-Grandpa's zanpakuto was a constant-release I don't see how she has it in shikai. In fact I'm not sure how she has the weapon in the first place, since a zanpakuto is a part of the owner's soul... And has its own spirit and reiatsu. What happened to those? Other than that, there's nothing to add.

Trivia/Quotes: Funny, and help visualize the character

Yep, not much else to add. I wonder how she'd get along with Chris, my French/Japanese blonde/blue eyes OC haha. She
s almost polar opposite to Mari in every other aspect (like she'd eat her own foot before being mean to anyone and is as skinny as a stick)
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lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
She is very energetic and spontaneous; Mari will break out into song (usually in English) or say random things at times. She is most well known for being incredibly dramatic, often taking what people say completely out of context, over-exaggerating, or freaking out over the tiniest of things. 

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MrDak3000 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student
wow, that's alot of details...((O___O))

is there a shorter version i can use for my OC's profiles?
amber-sky Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The template is based off of the Bleach Wiki used for the canon characters. But there are a lot of other different kinds on DA, if you just search "Bleach OC template" in the search bar, you'll probably be able to find one that's much more concise to where you don't have to write out so many details.
MrDak3000 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student
I found a few short and decent templates, but I might make my own
Kenji-Leon-Gunji Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i really wish i had more people like this in my group it's an awsome oc good work
amber-sky Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Again, thanks!
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